My Story


I am Jane, the founder of Romance Lights.

Twenty years ago, my life took a shocking turn – I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Amidst the emotional trauma of going through the disease and multiple chemotherapy sessions, I found inspiration and hope through art. I started doing art therapy with my daughter to help us work our way around the painful experience as we focused on creating beauty and improving our processes. This is how Romance Lights was born, and today, I am proud that my work inspires hope in others as well.

Today, I am grateful for getting rid of the disease and sharing my story of survival with struggling people. For this reason, each Romance Light comes with a timer flicker light and a story card for inspiration – making it a meaningful gift for your loved ones.

Home Décor with a Message

During the most challenging time of my life, I found hope through Romance Lights, which proved to be a BLESSING for me. Being a cancer survivor, I want my products to remind others of God’s beauty and mercy so that we all get encouraged to focus on the goodness in the midst of a troubled world.